RISE VisMin Project Cooperative Partner Showcase their product at the Kaamulan Festival Trade Fair

BUKIDNON Philippines – The Kaamulan festival celebrates the customs of the seven original tribes of Bukidnon—Bukidnon, Higaonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalug, Tigwahanon, and Umayamnon. Tribal members showcase their traditional attire adorned with intricate accessories and join locals for dances, chants, rituals, and indigenous sports.
The festival’s activities embody the depth and variety of Bukidnon culture, fostering unity across the provincial community. Institutionalized events include the Civic Parade, the highly anticipated Street-dancing Competition featuring contingents from various municipalities and cities, the Laga Ta Bukidnon beauty pageant, programs showcasing Bukidnon’s history and tribal traditions, and the Ethnic Dance Clinic.
Moreover, the modern Kaamulan has transformed over time to showcase not only Bukidnon’s ethnic groups but also its local products and establishments. Exhibitions include the Garden Show, Food Fest, Kaamulan Bazaar, Agri-fair, and Livestock Show.
Lantapan Cacao Growers Agriculture Cooperative is one of the project’s partner cooperatives that was organized by the project. Just months after they obtained their registration, they processed their produce and were granted the opportunity to showcase their product at the Kaamulan Festival Trade Fair. Their product is locally known as “Tablea”. “Tablea” comprises ground-up cacao beans, usually heated and combined with water to make a traditional Filipino chocolate drink called “sikwate”. The Department of Agriculture in Lantapan allowed them to display in their booth with other agricultural products in their municipality.
The opportunity to showcase their product at the Kaamulan Festival Trade Fair is a perfect marketing opportunity for their product to be known throughout the province. The raw materials used in producing the “tablea” come from the farmers themselves, who are members of our partner cooperatives. Processing their products into finished goods and the cooperative directly selling them provides them with a more profitable opportunity.