As humanitarian workers, getting accurate data and authentic assessment using standardized tools is very important, because this allows us to: see the actual damage, talk to key personnels in governement, interact with the people, and gather critical information which will be used, not only by ADRA, but by the rest of the humanitarian organizations that are also trying their best to help those affected.

ADRA is doing this because we need to make sure that the funds we get from DONORS like YOU, will be used effectively and efficiently.

That is why our ADRA ERT’s 4 assessment teams drove close to 1000 kms (combined) today to cover the badly hit towns in the Bicol Region to gather data. And as they make their way back to base (Naga City), let us keep them and their health in our prayers, because assessment is only the FIRST step to this emergency response. 🙏🏻