Protected by Angels

These are the remnants of the shattered home of the couple Rosalina (52) and Roberto Sojor (55). They live in Poblacion 2, in the municipality of Makilala South Cotabato, which was hit hard by the recent 6.3 Magnitude earthquake in South Philippines.

When the earthquake struck at around 7pm last October 16, the couple were inside their house resting. When they suddenly felt the ground shake, they weren’t able to quickly get out because Roberto needed assistance in getting out because he was blind.

The ground was shaking was so hard that Rosalina and Roberto has difficulty getting out. They decided to lean on one of their house posts for support. When the shaking subsided, the Roberto tried to feel his surroundings and to his shock, he discovered that their roof was now lying flat at their feet.
Rosalina related to her husband that their house was completely damaged.
The couple sustained some cuts and bruises but they are thankful to God that although their house is wrecked and they were hurt, they are still alive and able to survive the earthquake.
“The angels really protected us” – Rosalina Sojor.
ADRA with Adventist Community Services will be distributing Shelter Kits to the identified households that were totally destroyed by the earthquake within the town of Makilala, South Cotabato in the following days.