Planting is my life

“Iam Mila Quintana Alim, 62 years old, a widow with one child. I have been a farmer since 18 years old and planting vegetables is my favorite part of the day; it is also a source of income to support my family’s needs.

I moved here in Barangay Del Rosario, Mercedes in 2009 and started planting in my small backyard using my own methods, without any knowledge on organic farming.

Early this year, I heard that there was an NGO working here in Mercedes that helps my poor areas like our barangay. I didn’t know that it was ADRA. At first I was not interested in participating in the activities. But several months passed, my neighbors received garden tools from the organization, which made me wonder what ADRA is.

Then I learned that ADRA was conducting a series of trainings and seminars on vegetable organic farming as part of the project’s goals in empowering the beneficiary partners.

Planting vegetables is my life. After attending the trainings by ADRA, I realized that there are better techniques in cultivating vegetables and producing greater harvest.

As I plant vegetables now, I enthusiastically apply what ADRA has taught me about proper handling, care and maintenance, proper distancing and even composting in vegetable production.

At present, I’m happy to say  that I harvested more than before! My income has increased, too. My backyard garden doubled in size! I continue to plant in our vacant lots because I’m enjoying farming and earning extra income.

ADRA came not only to give and teach the community, but also to help develop good relationship among the members of the group as part of the communal farming. A big thank you to ADRA Philippines, the New Zealand government and ADRA New Zealand!