No Man Is An Island

Last June, we talked about how “Partnerships Make Everything Better”. We talked about our relationship with the Adventist Community Services or ACS of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and how instrumental that partnership is when it comes to emergency responses. We also talked about how ADRA collaborates with government agencies, educational and research institutions, and other development agencies because it is a cost-effective and time-saving way to implement projects, share lessons, and combine technical experience and expertise. 

One recent example is the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that rocked northern Luzon, last July 27.  The earthquake’s epicenter was located in the municipality of Tayum, Abra, and affected over 500,000 people, injuring 609 and killing 11. The earthquake damaged many buildings and infrastructures, it also damaged 36,780 homes, of which 856 were totally destroyed. 

Together with the ACS volunteers of the Northern Luzon Mission and Mountain Provinces Mission of Seventh-day Adventists, ADRA was able to provide family food assistance to 2,100 affected families in the provinces of Abra, Ilocos Sur, and Benguet in the weeks that followed. 

Due to this quick implementation, ADRA was tapped by Humanity & Inclusion to be their local partners and be part of the Abra Response Consortium with Tear fund, Plan, PHILDRADS to implement a multi-sectoral response in the province of Abra, that will provide shelter repair kits, earthquake protection kits, hygiene kits, psychological first aid, and cash for shelter, to the families that lost their homes due to the earthquake. 

ADRA’s intervention was to provide shelter kits to 190 households who’s houses were totally damaged and provided shelter repair kits to 2000 households whose houses were partially damaged in the earthquake’s epicenter, the municipality of Tayum, Abra, and we are happy to share that, after a month of validation, procurement, repacking, and transporting, we were able to complete our distribution this week. 

ADRA Philippines is proud, that not only do we have many partners here in the Philippines, but we also are a member of a network that has offices in 118 countries around the world. 

The mission of “serving humanity so all may live as God intended” is not an easy task but ADRA takes it seriously. 

The topics of management, leadership, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, technology, digital transformation, mission, program management, and emergency response were the main focus of the recently concluded ADRA Asia Leadership Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. These various sessions were intended to capacitate ADRA leaders to be updated on the latest trends and to pull everyone back together in our unified mission of service. 

And it is with this unified front that ADRA invites you to be a part of this mission, by being an ADRA Angel. 

What is an ADRA Angel, you may ask? ADRA Angels are what we call our donors that have committed to setting aside a small offering dedicated to helping others through ADRA. You can sign up by going to our website: and filling in your details.