EMBRACE Capacity Building and Reflection Workshop

Amidst storm threats of Typhoon Goni (local name Rolly), the ADRA EMBRACE Project team braced themselves as they continue fortifying the bond they’d established in their three-months of working together. A two-day “Capacity Building and Reflection Workshop” was conducted on October 29-30, at Angelica Beach Resort, Siruma, Camarines Sur attended by 24 staff that was facilitated by Lovely Alvar, Joseph Aaron Urlanda, Glaiza Fabellon, and Keith Oscar Fuentes.


The topic of discussions and activities had focused more on the issue of gender equality and awareness. Ms. Lovely Alvar, the Project Manager said, “As humanitarian workers, in gender equality, we tend to judge other people instead of finding way to enlighten them; we tend to judge. Gender stereotypes are deeply entrenched in belief systems and are still viewed as social norms. Thus, promotion of gender equality is frequently seen as a ‘women’s issue’, whereas it is about men too.” This statement has been strengthened by Ms. Glaiza Fabellon with an activity that will help the staff understand more the gender terms and meanings that they can use and apply in dealing with the communities they’re serving without unconscious bias.

As Mr. Joseph Urlanda facilitated the activity entitled “Happy Ka?” the team had an extensive reflection and updates on the satisfaction level of their accomplishments and progress on the projects. Flooded by positive feedbacks, all 7 sectors expressed their happiness and satisfaction on their accomplishments and performance, assistance and support from the management, staff, LGUs, and on the positive feedbacks of the beneficiaries on the services offered and provided by ADRA.

“We are happy because the management is responsive to the needs of the staff. Appreciation for the support, assistance, encouragement, and even constructive criticism that help improve our services.”

“We are happy because of light and stress-free working environment and colleagues that make the workplace such an accommodating and happy space.”

These are just few of their feedbacks to one another. They are indeed a solid team extending support, checking on each other’s welfare, and the people who will run an extra mile in the name of service and humanity.

Giving the right service to the right people with the full knowledge of their needs undermining their differences will help us reach more people leaving their hearts and home great joy and hope. With God as the center and provider, the EMBRACE COVID-19 Emergency Response Project will continue to strive in accomplishing the work God entrusted; to reach out to humanity in times of crises. A happy and healthy servant creates a happy and healthy community. Simple acts of kindness always make a difference.

– Joydlynn Rivera, ADRA Writer