DRR Mobile Theater

ADRA Philippines has put a creative spin on promoting disaster preparedness to the public by using mobile theater.

“DapatRedingRedi” is a mobile theater “informance” (information+performance) presented through a 30 minute comic-musical play that relays and reinforces key points on disaster risk reduction.

Through engaging songs and visual tools, major points and ideas on DRR were conveyed. Designed to benefit communities at the grassroots level, the project is produced by the Adventist Development Relief Agency (ADRA) and performed by a professional group of actors called Grupong Kriyyeytibs.

The mobile theater was staged in various communities and schools in the project areas of Iloilo and Leyte in various dates from July 2014-January 2015.

“We are happy to be part of this advocacy and we believe that ADRA is doing its best to promote DRR to vulnerable communities through creative ways like this mobile theater,” says Alissa Angeles, one of the thespians.

The stage play also engages the audience through question-and-answer segments that are meant for the actors to interact with the spectators and discuss some concepts of DRR in the middle of the performance. This way the attention of the audience is sustained.

“It was fun watching and we really learned a lot about disaster preparedness. It’s timely also because we just survived the strongest typhoon in our lives. What we learned from this show will help us become better individuals,” comments Myra Dumaguit, a high school student of Carigara, Leyte.