BULSA Summit


More than 40 Barangay United Loans and Savings (BULSA) groups, mostly comprised of women, came together for a day of enjoyment at the BULSA Summit held by ADRA Philippines’ TOGETHER Project across 7 barangays in Buhi and Ocampo in Camarines Sur.

Throughout the one-day event, BULSA groups showcased their portfolios to offer insights into their financial endeavors. They shared details on their share-outs, total savings, service charges from loans, and the utilization of social funds. Of particular significance were the discussions revolving around the challenges encountered in the ongoing implementation of BULSA. Some women also shared stories about the changes brought about by the initiative.

Beyond financial matters, the summit provided a platform for cultural exchange and celebration. BULSA groups proudly exhibited their booths of locally grown vegetables and fruits sourced from their kitchen gardens established with the assistance of TOGETHER, alongside other products. Members also showcased their talents and engaged in parlor games, displaying camaraderie and joy.

The BULSA Summit is a gathering of BULSA groups in the barangay to share experiences and ideas among members to advance the effective management of BULSA and the upliftment of each group in the community. Through this, members learn from each other, exchange perspectives, and collaborate towards the overall development of the community.

Currently, the TOGETHER project has successfully established 99 BULSA groups with a membership of over 2,400 individuals, mostly women. The initiative aims to establish at least two BULSA groups in each of the 76 barangays covered by the project.