Batang Ready: IEC Film Making Contest

BATANG READY: Resilient Child and Empowered Advocates for Disaster Risk Reduction is a project implemented by Adventist Development and Relief Agency in partnership with Humanity Inclusion formerly known as Handicap International funded by Aktion Deutschland Hilft from January to September 2018. The main objective of the project is to empower children in five schools in Haiyan affected areas to take direct action to identify and mitigate disasters and understand climate change impacts to increase their resilience to natural and human-made hazards.

Children and youth are part of the society, whatever is affecting them and their communities they must participate in thinking and expressing their ideas and solving the problems. Children especially those in the disaster-affected areas do not just need help or to be all the time receiver they also want to stand-up and fight. If they are taught in disaster preparedness, they will bring a significant change in the society, as they are future keepers of
their schools and communities. Besides, children of today will become parents of tomorrow, which will ensure that they pass this knowledge to their children, making disaster preparedness as societal practices that will keep on passing from generation to generations.

During the duration of the Project, an IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) Film Contest was held on August 2018 and opened to all students of Philippine Higher Education Institutions. Individuals or a group of not more than five may submit an entry. The awarding was held the following month during the Culmination Ceremony of the Batang Ready Project.

The winners were as follows:

Grand Prize: Kiling-Kiling by Cineastas A Vela Production of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University- Senior High School

2nd Place: Ulihi na Singgit by Maritime Lenses of John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University- College

3rd Place: Handumanan by USA-SHS of University of San Agustin- Senior High School