Angel in Disguise

For families who love music, they pay P194 a month for their Spotify subscription. For families who love watching tv shows and movies, they pay P549 for their monthly netflix subscription.

Those individuals who go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean often shed out P200-P500 for their drinks, even if they just go there to study, work, or chill. And today, we are asking if you and your family would be willing to shed a few hundred pesos from your monthly budget for ADRA?

Who is ADRA?

For more than 38 years, ADRA served as a catalyst for change by inspiring, engaging and empowering people to strive together for the greater good. ADRA Philippines has worked to help those affected by disasters and advance social development for communities at risk and home to many families living in abject poverty.

In the areas of emergency management, health, livelihoods, education, and disaster risk reduction, ADRA Philippines has grown in knowledge and experience to enable change and well-being. Beyond grateful, we are able to deliver these sustainable changes by partnering with local communities, organizations and governments. And we believe you can too!

Every time you donate to ADRA, you are already our partner in “serving humanity so all may live as God intended”. But in committing to becoming a monthly donor, you are taking a step further in our partnership and making it a long-term relationship.

Being an ADRA Angel does not mean giving thousands of pesos each month; it just means setting aside and offering an amount dedicated to helping others.

“By being an ADRA Angel, you are saying to your brothers and sisters in need: “I see you. This is a horrible situation. But you can get through it. You are strong and resilient. Here’s some help to get back on your feet.” All around the world, our ADRA Angels extend a helping hand where it is needed most by providing shelter for the displaced, food for the hungry, protection for the vulnerable, clean water for all, and so much more.

By choosing to become an ADRA Angel, you are committing to be a “blessing to others through ADRA” and this monthly commitment already is changing lives and communities today…and for years to come.

To join the global ADRA Angels community, you may sign-up via our website