An Ignite Nite To Remember

There nothing better than having the opportunity to worship the Lord and sing Him praise, even more when we do it for those in needs.

That is exactly what happened the 22nd of November, 2015, when we held our ADRA Concert called IGNITE NITE in Pasay Adventist Church. With us were the world class Adventist choir The Philippine Mesitersingers, the male group Verses & Voices, the international trio Praise and headlining the event was Reynan Dal-Anay, The Voice Philippines finalist.

We also had video clips from the different activities of the year and a theatrical presentation by Sa Isang Sulok Ng Bilog Na Mesa that made the evening very fun and interesting. This magical “NITE” showed us the loving and caring spirit of our community that came out and contributed to our united cause of helping others.

We came together for those in need, we ignited the flame of hope, wishing to set the Philippines ablaze with blessings and mercy for all those less fortunate. Our voices rose up thanking God for His love towards us, for taking care of our staff and workers all over the country.