Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

On this 9th Day of September 2022, we wish to share an update about our 6-year project funded by Global Affairs Canada in the province of Camarines Sur called TOGETHER or “Uniting Towards Gender Equality for Enjoyment of Women’s and Girls’ Total Health and Rights.”

Since the official project launch last June, the team has been busy visiting communities, conducting capacity-building activities, and delivering essential supplies in the municipalities of Buhi, Caramoan, Garchitorena, Ocampo, and Siruma.

ADRA strongly believes that community-led actions and ownership are vital to sustainable development. One of Project TOGETHER’s activities facilitates ColMEAL or Community Led Monitoring, Evaluation, Application, and Learning. In partnership with Salanga, ColMEAL capacitates diverse key community members and organizations to understand and reduce barriers preventing community members from realizing their health-related rights. Moreover, stakeholders such as barangay local government officials are likewise capacitated to provide gender-responsive and inclusive services, especially for women and children.

In partnership with the Local Government Unit, training on VAWC or Violence Against Women and Children for barangay VAW desk officers and members of the BCPC or Barangay Council for the Protection of Children is ongoing, covering all 157 barangays across the covered municipalities. the barangay is provided with supplies such as privacy dividers, tables and chairs, and IEC or Information, Education, and Communication materials. To date, a total of 57 barangays received training, essential supplies, and materials.

As part of Project TOGETHER’s strategy to raise awareness, a safe-online space through Facebook called “Aramon mo Nene” or You Must Know Girl is available. Aramon mo Nene provides access to information on issues relating to sexual reproductive health, rights, and services. It also has a live radio program stream and aired every Sunday through 105.5 Bicol Idol FM and 100.3 Radyo Sisiran FM, from 10:00 – 11:30 in the morning.

The song lyrics, “Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no river low enough, ain’t no river wide enough to keep me from getting to you,” — reflect how our project team on the ground continues to reach remote communities. Working passionately to help increase the enjoyment of health-related rights by our most marginalized adolescent girls, women, and children.