A Story of Empowerment for Koronadal Farmers

Mary Jean B. Dullano, 46, and Mr. Rodrigo O. Dullano, 53, are seasoned farmers residing in Lower Libertad, Brgy. Topland, Koronadal City, and South Cotabato became beneficiaries of the RISE (Responsible Investment and Shared Empowerment) Project in collaboration with the Mountain View College Employees Multipurpose Cooperative (MVCEMPCO).  

Before their involvement with Project RISE, the Dullanos faced formidable challenges, particularly in accessing capital for their farming endeavors. The exorbitant interest rates charged by traditional financiers exacerbated their difficulties, leaving them uncertain timelines for obtaining the necessary funds. 

 The RISE initiative, executed in collaboration with MVCEMPCO, provides opportunities for Mary Jean and Mr. Rodrigo Dullano. The project addressed the core issues faced by the farmers to two key components but not limited to: 

  1. Financial Empowerment: RISE recognized the pressing need for accessible capital at low-interest rates. Mary Jean and Mr. Rodrigo Dullano, like many farmers, were burdened by high interest rates. Through RISE, they gained access to capital with significantly reduced interest rates. This financial infusion liberated them from the uncertainty associated with traditional financiers, empowering them to plan and execute their farming activities more efficiently.
  2. Technical Support: With the help of our partner MVCEMPCO, RISE provided crucial technical support to enhance farming practices. This support facilitated the adoption of modern technologies, sustainable agricultural methods, and overall modernization. It empowered Mary Jean and Mr. Rodrigo Dullano to navigate challenges more effectively and make informed decisions for their farming enterprise.


As active participants in the RISE initiative, Mary Jean and Mr. Rodrigo Dullano were part of the strategic focus on restructuring the farmers’ group into a formally recognized cooperative entity. This transformative process involved navigating legal procedures, administrative adjustments, and compliance measures to align with Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) standards. 

With access to capital at lower interest rates and ongoing technical support, Mary Jean and Mr. Rodrigo Dullano experienced a positive transformation in their farming enterprise. They successfully acquired personal machinery for farming, a significant leap towards modernization. Furthermore, the improved financial position allowed them to hire additional help, contributing to their individual success and fostering local economic growth. 

Mary Jean and Mr. Rodrigo Dullano’s story exemplifies the concrete effects of the RISE Project in partnership with our stakeholders. Through its focus on crucial challenges encountered by farmers, such as limited access to capital and technical expertise, the project impacts not just personally but also significantly influences the holistic progress of the local community.