A Shoebox Full of Love

We are stronger when we work together. That is why ADRA Philippines has partnered with Samaritan’s Purse (SP) and local Adventist Churches to bring smiles to children’s faces. Our ADRA Truck and staff are going thru land, air and water to reach many different provinces. We are putting into action Operation Christmas Child all over the Philippines.

Operation Christmas Child is a program created by SP, that gives children all over the world the opportunity to share some of their blessings with kids that may have never received a gift before. It may be seem like a simple shoebox, but is filled with love and the spirit of caring.

We have distributed over 11 thousand shoeboxes, with 12 thousand more to give. We have reached children in Nueva Ecija, Aurora, Antique, Cebu, Bukidnon and Davao.

We love being part of this operation. An operation that begins with the desire to help, share and love. 23, 551 kids from all over the world took their time to carefully pack a shoebox, shoes, shirts, school materials, toys, balls etc. They have no idea who will receive their shoebox, but that adds to the excitement and expectation. Kids here in the Philippines receive their very own shoebox and with it an image or letter from their benefactors. It is encouraged to write back a thank you note the senders.

We thank every one who made it possible to bring happiness to the not so fortunate children of our country, we hope to continue in partaking in these beautiful operations.

ADRA is proud to be part of this wonderful project and we hope that children all over the Philippines receive many blessings from their (not so) little shoeboxes!