4,050 Families Receive Food and Hygiene Kits in Bohol

March 25 marks the 100th day since Typhoon Rai (local name: Odette) swept through 11 of the country’s 17 regions, bringing with it torrential rains, violent winds, floods and storm surges that affected almost 12 million people. More than two million houses were damaged or destroyed, with over 424,000 destroyed and over 1,694,000 partially damaged.
In partnership with the Adventist Community Services (ACS) with funding from the Latter-day Saints Charities (LDS) ADRA was able to distribute 4,050 food packs and hygiene kits to Brgys. Sikatuna, Zamora, San Carlos and San Agustin the municipality of Talibon and Brgys. Buenavista, Governor Boyles, Los Angeles, Villa Teresita, Juagdan, and Imelda in the municipality of Ubay in the province of Bohol during the month of March.
ADRA would like to thank all the ACS volunteers from Talisay, Cebu that participated in the repacking of the these 4,050 food packs and hygiene kits. We know it was not easy, especially with all the items that needed to be included in each kit, but your quality work is to be commended.
ADRA would also like to thank the drivers and transportation personnel for the safe delivery of the several hundred tons worth of relief assistance from Cebu to Bohol, despite the sea crossing. You were able to ensure that these items reach our target municipalities safely.
ADRA would also like to thank all the volunteers in Bohol that assisted in the validation process. You spent many days in the hot sun going around to the different homes, to personally interview and validate the families, to ensure that those who would receive the relief assistance are those who need it most. During relief distributions, there is a high risk for chaos and commotion, but because of your meticulous work during the validation process, you enabled the distribution to go quickly and smoothly.
ADRA would also like to thank all the volunteers that also helped during the distributions. You loaded and unloaded these relief goods with so much care that everything was still intact when it reached the benefiaries. You made sure that everything was in order and controlled the crowd to ensure everyone’s safety and security from start to finish.
To our partner, the Central Visayan Conference of Seventh-day Adventist, thank you so much for all your support to this relief operation. You were our partner in every way. We may have led this operation, but the missionary spirit of your officers, staff, district pastor, and members ensured that it was implemented quickly and efficiently. We are proud of the work we have been able to accomplish together.
Finally, to all of the donors who continue to send your donations in support of this work, thank you very much. We may not be able to thank you personally, but we pray that the Lord will bless you and your families and return to you ten-fold that which you have given.
About Bohol:
Bohol was one of the last places to get back their communication after Typhoon Odette. We were already responding to other locations but no news was coming out of Bohol. When communication was finally restored and the damage was made known, ADRA was sorry that we would not be able to respond because the gathered donations had already been committed to other affected areas.
But prayers work. And ADRA was happy to get the news last February that Latter-day Saints Charities, one of ADRA’s regular donors during big disasters around the world, had decided to also help the victims of Typhoon Odette. We are grateful and blessed that they chose to help the people of Bohol in the Philippines through ADRA.
Food Packs:
1o kilos rice
7 packs of pancit canton
5 pcs canned goods
2 packs vegetable oil
2 kilos monggo
2 packs fita biscuits
Hygiene Kit:
12pcs bathsoap
2carton toothpaste
4bars detergent soap
6pcs toothbrush
4packs sanitary napkin
1 bottle shampoo and conditioner
Personal Kit:
2pcs malong (tubed blanket)
2pcs towel
1 flashlight
1 nail cutter
1 tabo (dipper)
1 pail